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Why Little Green Lights?

Why Little Green Lights?

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The name for this site was inspired by this scene in the movie “Red Planet” in which most of the main characters are stranded on Mars and all communication to their mothership has been cut-off:

Gallagher has cobbled together a radio from 50-year-old parts. Pettengill holds the solar panels at the sun while Robby carefully removes one of his two suit-radio microphones. Checks with a meter, then solders it onto his jerry-rigged radio.


Testing, testing…

He adjusts a tiny pot as he continues to call out. A green LED comes on, flickering with his voice.


Does it work??


Well, the little green thing lights up. I don’t know if it works…

I found it amusing that the outcome of this life and death situation was dependent on whether or not the little green LED meant anything good.  It dawned on me that in the IT world, we often face similar situations.  The server is down, the site is not communicating, and sometimes the only status indicator is a stupid green LED staring back at you (or lack thereof).  I suddenly realized my life essentially revolves around little green lights.  Are they on?  Are they not on?  Are they blinking?  Are they not blinking?  Are they supposed to be blinking or not blinking?  I immediately registered the domain name.